April 21, 2011

Luke's Birthday!

Manapouri wasn't much of a town, but the place we stayed, Freestone Backpackers, was a destination in itself! It was by far the best hostel we have stayed in so far in New Zealand. We booked a few days ago for a double room and when we got there the owner walked us to our private cabin with our own kitchen and wood burning fire. It was an absolute dream. Once the sun set the stars were all out and the only light was that of the flashlights people carried to find the bathrooms! From our deck we had a view of the lake and mountains as well. The fire kept us warm all night and it was an incredible place to wake up for Luke's birthday!

We woke up and I cooked a delicious eggs benedict with bacon for Luke's birthday breakfast. Then we got ready to leave and packed up the car to head back into Manapouri. I surprised him with a morning row boat ride on the river which was great especially since the sun was shining nice and warm the entire time. After that we slowly made our way to Invercargill stopping for lunch back in Te Anau at The Fat Duck. Then we went down a different road than I meant to and we missed out on the caves I meant to bring Luke to for his other part of the day! but we made it to Invercargill with enough time to check into our hostel, Southern Comfort. It's a nice older house on the outside of the city center. We headed into town for a drink then to Speight's Ale House for a giant meal! Then of course back for candles and cake! We're both stuffed, but ready to wake up bright and early to get on the ferry to Stewart Island until Monday!!

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