July 30, 2011

Pies, Pies and more Pies!

No, I'm not talking about dessert, I'm talking about dinner! Kiwis (through British influence) love to do deliciously sinful things with puff pastry. Since we have been in New Zealand we have had everything from ostrich to venison inside a pie and they have never disappointed. We have opted to do the less scary Bacon and Egg Pie. It is so stupidly easy only a cook like myself could mess it up! You literally cook some bacon, line a casserole dish with pastry, put the bacon along the base, crack about half a dozen eggs over it, salt and pepper, and toss another bit of pastry over the top. Now here is the crucial error point (obviously where I made mine). You have to poke holes through the top layer of pastry otherwise you end up poaching the eggs instead of cooking them into this beautiful puffy pie. I was a tad nervous about breaking the egg yolks so I was overly gentle when poking holes through the top of the pastry. The pastry looked great once it was cooked, but when I cut into it, it did not look like this: