June 26, 2011

Saturday Sports

This past Saturday was a day filled with sports - mostly for Luke, but still exciting for all involved. Not only is he coaching soccer/football to the 10 year old boys of Mapua, but he's playing on the men's team as well and Saturday is game day for everyone. In the morning he coaches the boys games and in the afternoon he becomes the fittest and one of the youngest players on the men's team. It's been really fun to watch him play and even more fun to go to the pub (the team's sponsor) afterwards for free pizza and some drinks!

Although the daytime activities were enjoyable, it was the evening plans that really made it a good day. We headed into Nelson for the Crusaders vs Sharks quarter-final match. The Crusaders are the team for the Canterbury Region and while living in Christchurch we really got behind them. Unfortunately, because of the earthquake their home stadium was destroyed so they have played around the country the whole season and we have not had a chance to go to see them until now. The crowd was in full force and it was a great atmosphere for being a Crusaders fan. They gave out free flags to anyone who wanted one and as you looked around the packed stadium (a whopping 14,000 capacity) all you could see were red waving flags. We watched them warm up and then go back in before running out as a team between the pillars of fire. As if seeing them live wasn't enough they absolutely smashed the Sharks 36-8!

To top off a great day we enjoyed a beautiful curry meal at the Indian Cafe in Nelson. Luke may have had a bit too much spice with his Chicken Vindaloo, but my Lamb Saagwala was just right :)

Fire Pillar!

Some crusading men out on horseback before the match started!

Excitement and flags after a Try!

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