May 03, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

I thought I should post some photos on here because all I have been doing is writing and I'm sure that gets boring. Check out facebook for more!

This is a photo of the windblown trees in the Catlins. The Catlins is this amazing place where all you see is farmland and ocean. Even on a cloudy day the sea was shining blue and the grass was bright green. The wind luckily wasn't blowing on the day that we were there, but it is just incredible how the trees has grown here because of the weather.

These are the Purakanui Falls. Ever since we got to New Zealand whenever we would go into a souvenir shop we always went to look at the posters that of places in the country. Mostly so that we could say 'been there, been there, been there', but this photo was always in the mix of posters. It sort of because the one we had to see, so when we finally got down to the Catlins we planned our day around making sure we saw this incredible water fall. It certainly did not disappoint . It is absolutely breathtaking.

Cadbury World is like Willy Wonka and I am Augustus Gloop. When we walked in it smelled of pure joy. On the tour they start off by giving you a goody bag - sort of like a trick or treating bag - and once the tour is over it is filled with chocolatey goodness. They also gave us a small sample of melted chocolate to taste what the chocolate is like right before its made into Dairy Milk. Then it ended with a chocolate waterfall. Don't worry, I didn't get sucked up.

The other tour we did while we were in Dunedin was the Speight's Brewery Tour. Luke couldn't wait (as you can tell by his souvenir tshirt). The tour was great and so were the unlimited beers aftewards. The next morning we went back over to speight's to taste some of their spring water. They have this tap outside the building for anyone to freely use and enjoy the water that they make Speight's with.

We've been back, in Christchurch now for a few days. We came back mostly to sort out our dud car that we had to leave behind before our trip. Luckily someone was immediately interested in buying it upon our return to the city so that job was done quickly. Now we're just catching up with some friends and eating at our favorite restaurant tonight - Tutto Bene. Today we also managed to lighten the loads of our massive bags and clean out Scubi (our reliable Subaru Legacy). Not long before we're heading up north to work in Marlborough Sounds!