May 17, 2011

Double Cove

The cottage we are staying in keeps us warm with a fantastically easy to keep alight fireplace that we sit by every night now that fall is turning into winter. Although being cold here is really a very different cold than winter in Boston. We are working in the sun during the day in t-shirts, usually enjoying either our coffee or our lunch out on the deck. And lunches we certainly do enjoy! Sue, one of our hosts, is an expert at the one dish dish. She assures us daily that we need to have a nice hearty meal after a hard day of work (a day being 9am-1:30pm). Not that Luke or I need to be persuaded to enjoy a second helping of baked macaroni and cheese, frittata, homemade meat pies or seafood soup.

This is what Luke is smiling at in the above photo, because this is the view from where he’s standing. When we look out the front door of our cottage we are the only people in sight. If it wasn’t for the extensive birdlife, we’d probably be the only life in sight! We have enjoyed row boating out on the cove – Double Cove – as well as kayaking to the pub in the neighbouring Lochmara Bay. Kayaking is definitely much more fun after a glass or two of wine.

Despite the cold evenings we are experiencing at the moment, as long as the fire is going and we are in the comfort of the cottage, the sunsets make it all ok.

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  1. Yo this is awesome, Laur...make the pictures larger, though! Make 'em XL so we can see detail, homie!