November 18, 2011

4 Seasons in a Day

If I hear one more Melbournian say that about the weather I am going to have to go up to Darwin. But seriously, the weather in Melbourne is as very interesting thing. Today it was over 30 degrees Celsius (which is about 85 degrees F). And not only is it stupidly hot, the wind actually feels hotter than the sun! Ok thats not entirely true, but it is a hot wind, not the kind that makes it feel cooler out.

We decided to enjoy the beautifully stifling heat by spending an amazing afternoon exploring the Queen Victoria Market. It is incredible. We started around the stalls where all of the souvenir shirts, leather bags/shoes/jackets/belts, and all the other chachka you could think of. Of course we loved every minute of it and went up and down every row of stalls.

The start of the chach

Although those stalls were pretty cool, the best part of the market for me is the Deli Hall. It is filled with cured meats hanging over your head, cheese from every corner of the globe, colourful and beautiful olives, decadent cakes and cookies, fresh bread and the smell of freshly ground coffee. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was while we circled this hall. Luke must have heard me say "oh my god look that that!" about 23948209384 times. I was nearly salivating at the sight of all of the goodies in this place. I wanted to buy everything and eat it all at once while washing it down with a fresh cup of Colombian fair trade coffee (not a flat white or a latte or a short black, a CUP OF COFFEE).

Look at that meat!

This whole stall was olives and I stood
staring at them for far too long

We left with our hands full of bags and our wallets a little bit lighter, but I skipped back to the tram - after a short side trip to 7-11 for a coca-cola mixed with citrus flavored slushee of course. We packed ourselves into the un-air conditioned tram home and were welcomed back inside with a beautiful coolness that we hadn't felt all day. It is so humid here! Sometimes you feel like you can't actually breath properly.

The dark sky before the rain

Not the best photography, but its pouring!
(also those are the shops outside our front door!)

Right so you see what I mean about this saying '4 seasons in a day'. Once we got settled back in for the evening the sky changed horribly dark. Just a few minutes ago it opened up! The thunder feels like its shaking the house and the rain is coming down sideways! Just another day in Melbourne!

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