November 29, 2011

Melbourne's Laneways

Today Luke and I walked into the city and headed for the information center to get a map of the city's laneways that we have been hearing so much about. Melbourne has all of these little alleyways and lanes that are hidden between the main streets of the city center that you would probably walk right past if you didn't know they were there. Hence why we thought we should grab a map so we would know exactly where to look. Some of these are actually just little alleys with nothing other than a delivery truck blocking the way while others are filled with restaurants, cafes, bars and smells that make you wonder how you could have ever passed them by unnoticed. Others were empty but the walls were covered with street art (graffiti) that is better than most hanging in nearby art galleries. It was an absolutely perfect way to spend the day and really showed us a whole other side to Melbourne.

We also made a quick stop on the way home after we spotted the Hotel Sofitel that Luke had read about on our free website I told you about. On the 35th floor is a hotel restaurant with an interesting bathroom that he recommended we check out. When you walk into the bathroom you get an immediate and incredible view of the east side of the city. It was like being on an observation deck! I quickly took photos before someone actually dining at the restaurant came into the bathroom!

The cutest macaroon shop!

Fresh bread on Presgrave Place!

View from the bathroom, nice pool!

The BCG Stadium - cricket and AFL stadium
and nearby is the Australian Tennis Open Stadium

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