December 01, 2011

A Non Travellers Day

Unfortunately, not every day of the week can be an all out exploration of a new place. Sometimes we have to do more mundane 'real life' things. I must admit, sometimes its nice to be able to sleep in, watch all of the missed episodes of Sons of Anarchy, and drink tea and coffee all day leaving the house only to sit out on the back patio. It's nice to take a break from being a tourist and instead just be a normal person in our home. Today was neither of those things, instead we got up at the crack of 11 and got down to business opening a bank account. Before that of course we needed some fuel for the day. We realized that its not too far a walk into the city center from our suburb and its a pretty stroll through the different villages. We stopped in Fitzroy for some lunch at a yummy sandwich place called Gutz. I got a falafel wrap and Luke got a chicken and avocado sandwich on focaccia. Both were delicious and toasted to perfection. There may also have been a side of fries/chips involved.

Once we stuffed our faces we were focused on the task at hand. We opened up a bank account and got the rest of our Christmas related things to send home to our families. There is one small detail that I think of which makes all mundane things less mundane and that is that we're doing these things in Melbourne, Australia.

Yummy Lunch Spot in Fitzroy

Not a bad place to pass the time...

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