July 15, 2012

Beaches and Bastille Day

So sorry for leaving you hanging last week without a weekend recap. There wasn't anything to recap except for my apple cheesecake martini

and a delicious homemade chocolate birthday cake!

So this weekend we decided we NEEDED to get back out to the beach and go for a nice walk. We headed to Bondi to check out the winter festival that was going on there. It consisted of a very small ice rink that was nearly melted. BUT it was on the beach. I had to take a few pictures. When have you ever seen an ice rink on a beach?

Once we giggled at how ridiculously small the rink was we headed over to the coastal walk fighting the Bondi crowd until we made it into the haven that is Tamarama - recently voted the most expensive place to live in Australia.

As the sun was setting we sat to enjoy the view from the other end of the walk in Coogee. It was such a nice evening temperature-wise. I hope that means spring is coming soooooon!

Once the sun was gone and the pink sky was dark we hopped on the bus back into the city, ate some food then headed to meet up with some friends to go to the Argyle to celebrate Bastille Day whose decorations can look strangely like 4th of July decorations. Other people use red, white and blue too?

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