July 03, 2012

Watson's Bay and a Tough Hair Day

Saturday night Luke and I finally tested out a restaurant in Glebe that we have been promising ourselves we would visit - Baja Cantina. Its a Mexican Restaurant that was absolutely AMAZING. I still haven't graduated to taking photos in restaurants because 1. This isn't a food blog and 2. Its kind of embarassing to whip out my camera in a crowded restaurant. But check out the website.

I had the Tamale with mole and chicken and Luke has some sort of burrito contraption called the Enchirito that was absolutely amazing.

Now onto Sunday. We started the day right, with pastry and beef and peas at Hannah's Pies around the corner from our apartment. We had them on my birthday and have been talking about going back ever since.

Luke wanted his so badly he couldn't even wait for us to sit down before he dug into his!

After gorging ourselves on pies and peas we headed over to catch the bus to Watson's Bay. It's a beautiful part of the south eastern side of Sydney with breathtaking views back over the city. One side is the view of Sydney and the other side, the Gap, is an endless expanse of Pacific Ocean.

tough hair day indeed...

Watson's Bay is a really small beach. In fact its more of a harbor with a tiny little bit of sand. But it was a beautiful day out so we were happy to sit on the beach and enjoy the view.

On our way home we decided to get off the bus at Circular Quay and walk the long way home. As the sun was setting the light on the Opera House was incredible. Then we saw a big P&O cruiseliner go under the harbor bridge. It was so cool and we were nearly certain that it was not going to fit. Then we both agreed going on a cruise would be sooooo cool! I'll let you know when I actually do some research as to where we are taking this cruise to...

 Watching the sunset over the Sydney harbor was the perfect end to another beautiful Sunday spent exploring Sydney.

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