June 25, 2012

The Monday Blues

Don't you just hate it when the weekend is over? Especially after having a particularly phenomenal weekend. Maybe it's because Luke and I work on Saturdays so when a Sunday evening comes it sort of feel like the weekend shouldn't be allowed to be over yet! This weekend in particular I felt like I was really not ready for Monday morning to roll around. 

Saturday night we had a quiet night in because after I got home from work I was feeling a little bit run down. Luke slaved away all evening making a stew, and then turning into a DELICIOUS beef and red wine pie:

After a good 12 hour sleep we woke up and had a nice lazy Sunday morning with homemade eggs benedict (ok pre-made Hollandaise sauce).

 After filling up on eggs we headed out into one of the most beautiful winter days we've had in a while. It was so warm! We walked all around the harbor and into the Botanic Gardens before hopping on a bus to a new beach.


I think the newest plan is to see all of the beaches in Sydney during the winter so that by the time the summer rolls around we will know which ones are our favorites. Sunday's beach of choice was Balmoral Beach. It's the first northern beach besides Manly that we have been to so it was a whole new adventure!

The beach was full of families and coffee drinkers. We walked along the sand and then enjoyed the sunset over coffee and cake :) I think its my favorite beach so far. It's tucked away in a little cove so there aren't the big waves that are at Manly and Bondi. This is hopefully good news for the summer because it means no big surfing crowds! I'll let you know in a few months time.

Is it Sunday yet?

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