June 17, 2012


A couple of weeks ago Alex found a really cool Groupon for a $19 Burlesque night in Surry Hills. We jumped at the idea and so did a bunch of others! So Friday night finally came around and we couldn't wait to get over to the Dome bar where the show was going to be going on. OK, so I've never been to a burlesque show. I've never even seen the movie. Lets just say I was mildly horrified when I found out that this room full of mostly middle-aged women were here for pretty much a glorified striptease.  As the anticipation grew and the canapes, pizzas and most importantly, the drinks flowed, we got more and more excited for the show to start.

Unfortunately, and for obvious reasons, you weren't allowed to take any pictures during the performances. But it was incredible. We were clapping and whistling louder than any man in the room. The dancing was fantastic and the girls were so funny. It was a hilarious night and something totally different than I would ever have done. If you haven't seen a burlesque show, get over to the Dome asap.

Although you couldn't take any photos during the show, that didn't stop us from having personal photo shoots with the wallpaper all night...

 Is there anything better than a sweaty dance photo?

 Only a sweaty dance photo where you're also singing...

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