June 12, 2012

Long Weekend and an Interesting Lamp

This weekend was a nice long one thanks to Australia still being part of the Commonwealth and celebrating the Queen's Birthday on Monday. Luke and I took hold of this rare occurrence by planning absolutely nothing and staying inside all day Sunday. I didn't change out of my pajamas, brush my teeth, or move from the couch until 7pm when we got hungry and made the trek to the next block over to grab some food from the Chinese grocer. This weekend it has done nothing but rain which is the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing.

On Monday we woke up with a new resolve. We were going to brush our teeth before the sunset, and we were going to get out of the house. It's only a little bit of rain right? So we started the day with a session at the gym to wake us up. Then we had some food and tried to waterproof ourselves as best we could before braving the great outdoors. We have been talking about going to the Maritime Museum for a while now and figured a rainy day is a good a time as any to be indoors!

Mostly I wanted to go because I'd heard there is this really rare and beautiful lamp

But there were also some other cool things like Naval Helicopters, rowing boats, things from the Olympics, and a USA gallery which mostly had photos of Canadian ships....

It was a pretty cool museum and much bigger on the inside than it looks! It took us almost three hours to go through the whole museum. You also have the option of paying a bit more and going out onto some of the boats and a submarine. But it was raining remember? Also another downer: we thought it was free! and it was $7. I asked the guy if it used to be free because I read in last years Lonely Planet that it was. He said yes, but not anymore, that will be $14 thanks.

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