August 21, 2012

A little taste of New Zealand and a delicious taste of Surry Hills

Saturday night was the start of the Rugby Championship and the first round of the dispute over the Bledisloe Cup. We headed down to the Harlequin Pub in Pyrmont to catch the action on a big projector screen, and unbeknownst to us, hang out with the All Blacks Supporters Club. 

You'd think after meeting the Wallabies we would feel a connection to cheer for them, but Luke and I felt no shame hanging out in the bar in our finest New Zealand t-shirts and cheering on the All Blacks for old times sake.

On Sunday we had our usual lazy morning, then followed our stomachs to Surry Hills in search of a place I had read about called Four Ate Five (conveniently located at 485 Crown St). We walked past it initially and it was SO busy. We figured since we weren't falling over with hunger quite yet we would explore a little bit of Surry Hills and wander back to the cafe in a little while. We walked up and down one of the main streets window shopping and admiring, then headed back to enjoy some of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten.

It is, as with most things in Surry Hills, deliciously chic. It was also the best coffee I have had in Sydney hands down. Luke went for the pulled pork and I had an amazing ricotta and sun dried tomato sandwich. We shared the Kumera (New Zealand sweet potato) chips because we hadn't had enough of New Zealand the night before. We mm-ed our way through the meal and couldn't stop saying how good it was. Needless to say we will definitely be back again soon!

After leaving the restaurant we spent some more time wandering Surry Hills and trying to digest. We decided to wander over to the famous-for-being-famous, Bourke Street Bakery. To its credit, the bread in the window looked amazing, and the line was winding around the block at 3pm, but I just couldn't stand in it and wait to be disappointed. I know that's kind of cynical, but when you are constantly told something is amazing and its not (cough cough Fergberger), then you tend to seek out the lesser known names and get the same quality. I'm sure we will go there eventually, and probably be proven wrong, but until then you can catch me around the corner at Four Ate Five.

Rant over.

Anyone been to Bourke Street Bakery? Is it worth the wait? What should I get when I do eventually suck it up and go?

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