August 04, 2012

Aroma Festival

Last weekend was a lot more fun than my lack of update and severe lack of pictures can attest to! On Saturday night we headed down to Wollongong - a city about an hour and a half south of Sydney - for a friend's birthday celebration! We had dinner, laughed tremendously, ate until we were about to burst and then topped it up with some amazing cake! As usual in a restaurant my camera stayed firmly in my bag, sorry!

As for Sunday morning we slept away our hangovers and then headed to the Rocks to check out the Aroma Festval.  Luke and I have said it about a million times, but Sydney puts on some incredible FREE events and the Aroma Festival can definitely be added to that list. 

We went thinking it would mostly be about coffee and chocolate, and we certainly had our fair share of each, but it had so many other stalls with deeeelicious treats. We tasted chutneys, salsas, ginger beers, rocky road, teas, coffees and my absolute favorite, baklava. We were so full at the end of the day that by the time we left I nearly couldn't drink my Sunday afternoon beer....

 Spotted: Marissa Monaco's doppelganger

 Just some camels on your normal Sunday stroll through Sydney...

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