September 21, 2012

Half Marathon #2

The weather was perfect and running over the bridge just after the sun rose was breathtaking, but I still hated almost every minute of this race! My legs felt like lead and I was exhausted before I even crossed the start line. Despite that, somehow when I finished this race I not only felt more accomplishment than the last one, but also I actually now feel even more in love with running. All I can think about is when my next race will be and how much better prepared i will be for it. 

I don't want to bore you too much with my competitive outlet, but this race really was beautiful. Running across the Harbour Bridge was an incredible feeling and following the shoreline along the rest of the harbour really helped me forget how much pain I was in!

 The finish line was right at the opera house, I mean do you need any more assistance in finishing than that?

Yup, I actually want to do this again...

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