September 11, 2012

Have you caught the travel bug?

I love hearing about other people's travel adventures. It makes me excited, jealous, and kind of proud! Especially when it is someone who doesn't necessarily take it to the extreme that Luke and I have and perhaps has just discovered the joy it can bring.

 For instance, my oldest brother Nick, has just jet-setted on his first trip to Great Britain. He will no doubt see more of it than I have (there's the jealousy I was talking about). He emailed me the day before he left listing off all of the places he was headed. He finished the email asking "is this what its like to be you?" After I stopped laughing, I felt so proud! He's off exploring and enjoying what the world has to offer. He's posting photos of castles, bridges and beers!

Manchester, UK

Shortly after Nick left, a friend from work arrived back from a whirlwind tour of New Zealand. Obviously I was super jealous as she rattled off all she had done and seen. New Zealand will always hold a special place in my heart and I was beyond excited that someone else shared that sentiment. But what had me getting all giddy was what she said about traveling in general. She's been bitten by the backpacking bug and is already day dreaming about what journey is next. A convert!

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

 Dunedin, New Zealand

I know not everyone reads Lonely Planets in their free time or draws on road maps for fun, but I have never met anyone who regretted traveling. Whether it's across the world or a new spot across town I think anyone can gain something from exploration. Plus I would be so excited, jealous and proud of you if you did!


  1. Dudddddeee!! I'm just catching up on your blog right now cause I've been so out of it, but I'm so happy to hear you say all of this stuff. I really admire this whole adventure you're on but I'm PISSSSSSSSED cause I miss you!! JK I'm so happy for you and Luke and impressed by all of your adventures. Come to me via skype soon please! Love you to the moon and back :)

  2. Lots more pics to come sis! The ones I have been posting are just from my cell phone but we literally have HUNDREDS more on our camera! Headed to Scotland tomorrow (Edinburgh) for the day and then off to Buckingham Palace and The Emirates Stadium on Friday! Today at Westminster Abbey I had the opportunity to receive communion so I HAD to take it! How many people can say they got the Eucharist inside one the most well known and oldest historical landmarks in history! tty soon. love you, miss you.

    -Nick and Leah