November 26, 2012

Darren Percival and the Opera House

For those of you that are unaware, Darren Percival was the runner up in this years "The Voice" Australia. He may have come second, but our apartment was rooting for him the entire time! Anyway, it just so happens that he has become a very good customer of ours at work and he gave us some tickets to see him perform at the Opera House!! The SYDNEY Opera House. (Just so we're clear on that). I would have been excited to go to the show anyway, but that got me SUPER excited. I had met Darren once before and stuttered and stumbled like a star struck child the entire time, but I was really excited to see him sing live. He has an incredible voice and is such a performer.

I would highly recommend downloading some of his music or watching it him sing on YouTube.

In other news, this will actually be a travel blog again soon since LUKE AND I ARE IN BALI! (once I figure out why google wants me to start paying to add photos to my blog...) stay tuned!

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