November 11, 2012

A little trip down the rabbit hole

Last Friday night was the start of the Village Bizarre happening in The Rocks every Friday night until Christmas. I hadn't really heard anything about it and didn't know what to expect. I had looked it up Friday while I was at work and couldn't really find much information on it. Once we got there it seemed clear why. I think we accidentally found the coolest party that you've never heard of, and isn't that just the point of something this cool?

Tucked between all of the laneways were performances behind luscious red velvet curtains. People walked around caped and covered while others burlesqued in almost nothing at all! We were quickly distracted and missed out on the shows that night because we found this:

A pop up bar whose entrance required you to wear a bunny mask. It really was like we had fallen down the rabbit hole. I for one, did not see any reason why you would want to come back out.

We found ourselves lost in this land of wonder. It was bizarre (duh), but as we walked into the two room shop front we laughed. This is a cool bar. Something totally different that you're not going to find strolling down George St. Keep your Ivy and your Establishment, next Friday night you'll find me at the White Rabbit Bar.

Once we emerged from the Rabbit Hole we continued through for food, and shortly after, for some dancing.

Have you ever been to a silent disco? Everyone gets a set of headphones and then you dance to your station of choice. People walk by and see you dancing to music that they can't hear. I felt pretty silly at first, but we got into it and hung out of a while dancing our bbq off!


When we turned the corner from there we realized there was still so much to see! But it ends at 10, so we missed out! We'll just have to check it out again next week...

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