October 30, 2012

Beer Festival

Is there any better way to spend a Saturday than drinking beer in the sun?

Last weekend the Australian Hotel put on their annual Beer Festival. Luke and I decided to go on Saturday which, luckily for us, turned out to be the better weather day for the weekend. When we arrived we bought a $20 ticket which included a tasting cup and 10 tasting tickets. If you want to buy another set of tasting tickets later in the day its only $15.

It was kind over overwhelming at first. It took up a whole block behind the pub and both sides of the street were lined with pop up tents each housing a different brewery. Luke and I were both expecting it to be a lot bigger, but we quickly forgot our disappointment as we tasted away the day.

We slowly sipped through the stalls savoring the darks, pale ales, porters and lagers while we basked in the sun. The middle of the road was in the shade, so we grabbed drinks and pushed through the crowds to get back into the sun with each of our samples. There were a lot of breweries there that we have tried during our time in Sydney already, which was kind of a shame, but there were still quite a few that we hadn't heard of before.

Expectations aside, it was an overall great day and I would recommend it to anyone who likes beer (or cider!).

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