October 14, 2012


Newtown is cool. There is no other single word that can be used to describe it. The main street is cool, the people are cool, the restaurants and cafes are plentiful and cool. It is Sydney's home of the hipster and everything around the suburb works to support that image. The terrace buildings that line King Street are run-down-chic, the boutiques are slightly off beat, and the independent food establishments service every taste and time of day. And the amount of used bookstores! Don't even get me started.

Luke and I prepared for our foray through Newtown by donning our best hipster apparel: me in my colored jeans and Luke in his v-neck tshirt. We wanted to blend in with the locals.

 The best bookstore I have ever been in. Ever. Take that Barnes and Noble.

We stopped for a mid-afternoon snack on our way back out of Newtown at a spot called Urban Bites. Go there. Have the Iced Chai Latte. You're welcome.

 We shared the Mediterranean Plate which had four dips and some seriously good flat bread.

 Heaven in a glass.

Then like any good hipsters, we spent the rest of the afternoon lazing in the sun at the park. We are so happy that spring has arrived!

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