October 09, 2012


Ok, I think I have just about crawled out of my 'feel-sorry-for-me-my-parents-are-far-away' funk. Not that I don't still miss them! But as I sit here on my balcony in the sun sipping a Starbucks iced coffee - which they kindly trucked all the way from Walmart - I feel as though I have finally returned to being myself again.

Now I can tell you about all we did and saw while they were here! We pretty much started right away! Ok, we had breakfast first, then we toured. I took them along one of my favorite paths leading past Darling Harbor and over to my bridge the harbor bridge for some photos finally ending with a walk around the opera house.

We rested for the afternoon and started again Sunday morning. We were up early and off to Taronga Zoo. Luke and I still hadn't been so we thought it was a perfect thing to save for when my parents came. The view back over the city is everything we had hoped and the animals were pretty good too. Especially the bird show!

 I would like a Tasmanian devil as a pet..

The rest of that week was sort of a mish-mash of beach and city touring. I made sure to get over to Manly, do a bit of the Bondi to Coogee walk, and show them all around the Botanic Gardens. We saved the best for last and headed out of town over their final weekend to the Blue Mountains. It was another trip Luke and I decided to save for when my parents arrived. I'm so glad we finally made it. We walked through bushland and navigated up some serious stairs, but the views were well worth it. It was so nice to get out of the city, exercise the legs and get some peace and quiet.

 Having their first savory pies! Despite my mom looking like she's about to cry, she actually enjoyed it!

 This trip was not only amazing because I got to see my parents, but also it reminded Luke and I that there is still so much around us to see. Getting out of Sydney and exploring the surrounding areas is much higher on our to-do list now. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for visiting!


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