March 01, 2011

Post Earthquake Christchurch

Photo of Christchurch's Cathedral in Cathedral Square, once nearly twice its new height.

It's been a week since the big 6.3 earthquake that took down more than half of the city I have lived in and loved for the last 6 months. They have shut the city for what they're saying will be 'several' months, whatever that means. I figured while I sit at home trying to find things to do I would start blogging about our travels as well as make a place where everyone who is interested can see that we are in fact safe!

Luke went back to work on Monday and I am sort of on call at the moment to see if they need me to enter data for the building inspections that they are doing at my job. So I watch episodes of the real housewives of Beverly Hills and pay $8.50 for the cheapest nail polish at the corner store (OPI costs $25 here!! ABSURD!) to paint my nails pepto bismol pink.

But in all seriousness, we are safe, our house is safe and if we aren't lucky enough with that we have all of our power and water back on. So thank you everyone who has sent messages and concerns thank you!!

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