March 31, 2011

and we try again!

As many of you know, Luke and I were all set to hit the road this week. We were all packed up, went grocery shopping, and got all the supplies we would need. Then Luke went and brought the car in to get its WoF (Warrant of Fitness) which basically checks the safety of the car ie seatbelts, windshield wipers, all the different fluids in the engine, and unfortunately for us, engine exhaust. It is illegal to drive a car if you do not have a current wof. So basically we were stuck with a car we couldn't drive and we were meant to leave the next day!

Obviously we couldn't leave the following day, so we called up our landlord and luckily we were able to stay a few extra days. In that time we have been able to buy a new car, get our old car on Trademe (like ebay) and have some very interested buyers! So fingers crossed we will have our car sold on Friday and be on the road on Saturday morning. I even put my bike on Trademe since we had the time and have sold it for more than I bought it for! Things are looking up!

In anticipation of our departure we have started cleaning and packing. I think we're ready...

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