September 20, 2011

North Island

I'm Sitting somewhere between the History of New Zealand and Shakespeare in the Featherston Library about an hour outside of Wellington at the moment. The sun is trying to poke its head out from behind the clouds, but until then Luke and I are catching up on the goings on in the world and long overdue emails (and blog posts). We caught the ferry yesterday morning leaving behind the South Island for good now. It was a pleasant 3 and a half hour trip across the Cook Strait. I don't know if sea/car/motion sickness is hereditary, but if it is then I am really unhappy with my parents. Luckily we had a window seat so when the famously rough strait got a bit too rough with the giant ocean liner we were on, pushing it from side to side, I could look out the window for a bit of inner ear steadying.

We were into Wellington by about 12oclock and headed straight up north to find our camp site for the next five days. Like I said, its about an hour outside of Wellington. We are using the first two days (yesterday and today) just to sort out our transport into Wellington for Wed-Fri and to let the rain pass. Tomorrow the real exploring begins. We are excited to get back into a city and see some sights and are taking advice from the locals on all the good spots. Then of course Friday is our first World Cup match, Australia Vs USA!

Check out the photos I posted on Facebook Here.

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