February 19, 2012


Luke you should skip reading this blog entry since it may make you sad. I have been meaning to do a post about some of the watering holes we have sampled since we've been in Sydney, but I keep forgetting. Well the other night Luke was making his "I am thirsty for beer" noises while we were eating dinner and it reminded me to write this post. I told him to skip this because due to some recent financial restrictions (me not having a job) we have had to curb our beer outings for the moment.

The Australian Hotel, in my favorite part of the city, The Rocks, is pretty cool. It's sort of like an institution here. We showed up on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed! There were about 3 bachelorette parties going on, all of the outside tables were full and the sun was shining down on us! We managed to scoot into the end of a booth where I mouthwateringly gazed at the other people's pizzas and Luke headed in to get us a drink. I went for the honey beer (obviously the most expensive one on tap, oops!) and Luke got some Ale that is brewed on site (I think?). Mine was honey-licious and although the bartender called Luke's choice an "old man's drink" he thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Overall a good spot and on a sunny day I'd probably go again. Otherwise the inside didn't look like much and everyone that was anyone was sitting outside.

Harts Pub is one of the best we've been to in Sydney in my opinion (Yes, that is the flash from my camera, I am an excellent photographer). The ambiance is spectacular, it is always busy, they have live music, and they have so many craft beers on tap you could go there every weekend and try a different beer. We've been twice now and both times have sampled some incredible beers and ciders. The interior of the place is really cool and old style pub-like. They have a bar upstairs and downstairs for when you just can't stand to stray too far from your coveted outdoor seat. On the walls are tons of quotes about beer and drinking that can keep you entertained when you company doesn't. The beer garden outside is pretty good as well with a shaded spot that's always taken and a spot right in the sun that always seems to be reserved just for us. I would definitely recommend it. It's just on the cusp of The Rocks as well and a slightly closer trek from our apartment than the Australian Hotel.

Our other favorite spot is where we headed on my birthday, King Street Brewhouse. Besides being the best place in the city to watch the Superbowl, they have delectable beers. They also have loads of craft beers on tap, they have a super cheap happy hour from 5-6 every weekday (by Australian standards anyway), and it is the closest of the three to our apartment. Clear winner. They have this ginger beer on tap that makes my heart sing and after drinking them as quickly as if they were ginger ale they make me actually sing as well ;)

Hopefully this is only the beginning of our drinking explorations. May there be many more to write about!!

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