February 28, 2012

Solo Touring

Today Luke had to work and I did not (I know that's like a broken record now, but I do have a job now I swear!!), so I decided to do something that I knew he would not be upset about missing. I headed to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I figured I needed a little culture in my life, so off I went through Hyde Park.

I had this incredible moment while I was there watching these two men play chess on one of those giant chess boards. They were so involved and so was everyone else around them, it was an incredible thing to watch and be apart of. Somewhere nearby someone was playing some classical music and for a split second I couldn't hear the cars flying by and the horns honking. As quickly as it came it went, and the music stopped and was replaced with the city noises once again. But it was a pretty cool moment of peace in this sometimes hectic city.

Once I made my way through the park I walked around St Mary's Cathedral and then to the Art Gallery. I hadn't seen the building before. It is sort of tucked away inside the Botanical Gardens. It's pretty grand actually isn't it?! 

The inside is totallllly different. It's got this downtown open plan warehouse kind of feel. I liked it. This was one of the only photos I took because once I got into the other areas where the paintings were I was promptly (and repeatedly, I know I can't listen well) told not to take any photos, even with the flash off! Anywho, so it is a really great gallery with Australian art, Aboriginal art, Japanese Art and a cafe and restaurant that were overpriced incredible busy!

What is it about museums that makes you sooooo thirsty? Which then makes you think you are famished? That is why those cafe's are so busy. So obviously half way through seeing the gallery my willpower was quickly fading and I went from craving something tasty to NEEDING something tasty. So I powered through the last floor of the gallery and got out before I got sucked in. I quenched my thirst with a DELICIOUS caramel iced coffee Via pack from starbucks. I would have taken a photo, but the glass was empty before I could find my camera. Sorry!

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