March 15, 2012


Last weekend Luke was given some tickets for the Taste of Sydney Festival. After work on Saturday we headed over to Centennial Park where the festival was taking place and headed into a world of free samples. After the consuming all of the free cheese, yogurt, beer, wine, juice, sausage and tomatoes we could keep down, we used some of our "crowns" which are the currency you use in the festival to pay for the things that aren't free. Popular restaurants owned and operated by some of Sydney's "celebrity" chefs all have tents there selling baby-sized portions of a few of the fantastic meals you would find on their regular menus.

We headed straight for the Four in Hand tent whose Irish chef we came to know on Australian Masterchef (as a guest chef, not a contestant). We had a delectable slow roasted pork with a spicy sauce and some delicious coleslaw on the side. After that we headed over t see Four in Hand's head chef do a cooking demonstration where he proceeded to butcher a pig then show us three ways to cook him up! Unfortunately, there were no free samples there.

The rest of the night was sort of a food coma blur where I ate a lot more cheese, some macaroons, drank some alcoholic ginger beer that went down a TREAT! We finally spent all of our crowns as the last stalls were closing up for the night. It was an overall fantastic evening with lots of amazing food that we will be sure to keep an eye out for the next time we're at the supermarket! It also introduced us to some restaurants around Sydney that we will be sure to try when we come back to Sydney as millionaires.

 Someone needs to cool it with the hair product...

 Yes that is a tub of butter

Then I giggled like a giddy school child when I went up to him at the end to say thanks.

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