March 23, 2012

Going Green and Family Dinner

As anyone who lives on earth knows, last weekend was St Patrick's Day. So after much umm and ahhing about whether or not we should go out in the evening and join the already drunk people, we decided that we wouldn't be party poopers and headed to a bar we haven't been to before, the Australian Youth Hotel, for a few drinks. We got dressed in our finest Irish attire

 Gotta love self timer and our living room furniture isn't too bad either...

St Patrick himself

On Sunday we nursed our St Paddy's Day wounds with a nice comforting Swiss specialty:  Aelpler Macaroni (have I mentioned one of my roommates is Swiss? see the above less than saintly patrick). This involves all of my favorite things, cheese, pasta, onions, potatoes, and apple sauce. Does life get any better?
 Although I wish that was only my bowl, sadly I did have to share that with everyone else :(

 Everyone is really nervous about how famous they will become once I post this photo on my blog. All my readers please don't approach them in public, they are shy.

Now off to enjoy this beautiful weather and Friday happy hour at King St of course!

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