February 12, 2012

Running the World

Remember when I told you about Why I Run? Well I've had to remind myself recently. After moving into our new apartment, I started running again at the gym. It's so hot and humid here right now I never tried to even run outside. I was trapped on the treadmill boring myself to death running. Then on my birthday I headed outside on foot for the first time since I've been in Sydney. It was like suddenly I remembered how much fun running can actually be. When I ran things actually went past and new things were in front of me (although I don't hate looking at myself in the mirror on the treadmill).

So now I have been running outside a lot more and in doing so have found some more really interesting areas around Sydney. I stumbled upon this trail near Darling Harbour and it lead me to this amazing view of the harbor bridge.

When I was running along the harbor I saw this sign and got so excited. I'm sure I looked really cool as I did an awkward veer off the path I was on to follow this new one.

So I followed this cool blue running man all the way to here:

You tired of seeing this bridge yet? I'm not.

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