April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend Part 1

Easter in Australia is fantastic, because they came up with this amazing idea to DOUBLE the length of the weekend. That's right folks, 2x the eating, drinking, and sleeping! Which is exactly what we did for all four days (ok I had to work on Monday, but MOST people got four days).

 On Saturday we took a ferry to Cremorne Point which is just across the harbor to the north with beautiful views of the bridge and the city.

 Then we went for a walk around the bay to see the lighthouse and loads of spiders in the trees

Then back on the ferry in time for the setting sun and finally getting our first taste of the Lord Nelson's Brewery Hotel - claiming to be the oldest pub in Sydney.

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  1. Spiders, not okay. The harbor looks aweeeesome, though!! I love the new look of your blogskiiii!! Keep the posts comin' guuurl. Make up for what I'm terrible at lately. Love you!