April 17, 2012

Easter Weekend Part 2

I know the anticipation has just been killing you! On Sunday I started Easter Sunday like most people do, with a 9 mile run. Luckily, I survived, and went on to enjoy the rest of the day.

We headed over to Darling Harbor to catch some of the Hoopla Festival that was going on there. They basically set up a free circus and since Luke and I were both deprived of this joy during childhood, we couldn't wait to see what a circus was like. We caught three of the free shows (obviously) which consisted of some crazy acrobatics, a quirky band and some trapeze artists. It was an overall incredibly fun afternoon. Can't wait to go to the circus again.

After a full day at the circus we headed over to Ross's house for an Easter feast!

 Luke's delicious roast chicken

Ross's Cheese-a-licious Potato Gratin

 I cut the vegetables...

and its not Easter without chocolate!

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