May 28, 2012


This Sunday Luke and I were lagging. We were out with some friends on Saturday night for a house warming party and a Sunday morning sleep-in somehow turned into Sunday afternoon. By the time we finally got up, we decided to take it easy for the day and go for a walk on a new beach. Since we only have one full day off a week together we try really hard to do something new with that time. We have pretty much seen most of the eastern suburb beaches now, but we hadn't been to Maroubra. After a few bottles of water and lunch, we headed down to catch the bus.

 The weather was perfect! There was a little bit of wind on the beach, but the sun felt so nice. We walked along the beach then hung out with the fishermen on the rocks watching the waves and surfers collide. There were so few people on what is usually a packed summertime spot that it felt like we were at our own private beach, like we'd reserved it for the day. As we walked along the beach we were once again reminded of how great a city Sydney really is and how much it has grown on us.

We headed back into the city just as the sun was starting to set and the rain clouds headed in. We capped off the night by going down to the harbor to see the Vivid Sydney displays. Photos of that to come!!

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