May 27, 2012


So, it seems I've become what Luke likes to call, a Pansy. But seriously, its getting cold. Yesterday was about 60 Degrees (15C) and I wanted a coat. Not a sweater or a jacket,  but a coat. Preferably with a sweater underneath it. Herein lies the problem: I have neither a sweater nor a coat. I mean this is Sydney, its supposed to be WARM! I heard people say that it was going to get cold, but 60 degrees isn't actually cold. It just seems that in the last two years with all of my attempts at avoiding winter in every way, my blood has grown thin. 

To help ward off the cold indoors (because Australians don't insulate their homes because they too forget that Sydney gets cold), I have purchased some incredibly fashionable sweatpants that I am strictly forbidden to leave the apartment in. I think it goes well with that purple sweatshirt too don't you?

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