May 04, 2012


I've been getting itchy feet lately. I mean not literally, but in the sense that I want to pack my bags and hit the dusty trail. We have been "settled" in Sydney now living and working for almost 6 months (ok living, working was a little bit more of a struggle!). For the past few days I've been reading other travel blogs like This Battered Suitcase, 20-Something Travel, and Ephemerratic and it has been making me soooo excited for when we hit the road again. 

I'm not saying I don't absolutely love Sydney, because finally, I do. It has really grown on me and I truly love the fact that I am sitting on my balcony in the sun whilst complaining about hitting the road! Who do I think I am? Seriously though, Sydney is fantastic. Especially when the sun is out. I love going for walks along Darling Harbour and hopping on a ferry to a new place. I also love where I live and I really enjoy my job too! What was I saying again?

Oh yea, well it all started when Luke and I decided to get a head start on next years adventure by beginning to learn Korean. We have taken some language CDs out at the library and ever since I could start counting in Korean I've had my bags mentally packed. I have been dreaming of the food, the smells, the cultures, the sights and obviously how cheap all of it will be. 

 Hopefully the language hasn't changed much since this Rosetta Stone came out in 1982 
and hopefully my photography gets better before we go to Korea.

But I've got to mentally unpack for Asia and instead stay here in the now. There is still so much to see in Sydney and my little pink notepad is bursting with places to tick off before I set foot outside of the city limits. Not to mention the fact that we still have to travel Australia before we start using our newly acquired language skills!

Let the adventures begin! (or carry on?)

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