January 21, 2012

Fourth and Final!

Like most things we've tried to do in Sydney, finding a place to live here has been a struggle. We have seen some absolute dives. Upon our arrival as I mentioned here we stayed with Luke's friend Ross. While we were there we attempted to find a place in the city. We looked at "studios" which apparently mean bedrooms with sinks, mini fridges, lofted beds, and shared bathrooms (just like college!) Some places were filthy, others overcrowded with bunk beds in every room (including the living room), but eventually we settled for a place that was good enough. We would have our own bathroom and bedroom in a house with some other roommates, but at least it was clean. The biggest downside was that it was pretty far out of the city and there was nothing in the town, so we had to take the bus everywhere. We spent a week there and quickly found a gem of a place in one of the inner suburbs called Ultimo. From our very own balcony we could lean over, crane our necks to the right and actually see the city! It was a mere 15 minute walk into the city center from there as well so we were as happy as could be. We only signed on for two weeks though because we knew our friend's Alex and Patrick were looking for a place to live in Sydney as well and were excited to move in with them while we're here.

Our place in Ultimo (#3)

Our Balcony

Leaning over the side of the balcony

and looking into the city!

So yesterday we FINALLY moved into our last place. It is pretty exciting because it is an unfurnished place which is something we haven't experience before while travelling. So we've had to get our own bed and things, but it's so exciting to look into our room and know for once that everything in it is ours.

Our new bathroom!


And our bedroom already filled with our stuff!

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