January 03, 2012

Happy Holidays

Christmas and New Year have been a complete whirlwind! Is it really 2012? Allow me to give you a recap of the last 2 weeks:

My older brother Dan came to visit for Christmas which was incredibly exciting. So Luke, Dan and I headed down to Nowra to catch up with a long lost friend from when Luke and I were on exchange 3 years ago. It was incredible to catch up and reminisce about our semester in Switzerland and what we've all been up to since. We packed a lot of hikes and beaches into our week while Dan was here. We also packed a lot of turkey, ham, chocolate, beer and wine into our week. So obviously we were full and tired when we finally dropped Dan at the airport on the 27th. It was a quick visit, but so much fun!!

After the Christmas dust settled, we had to quickly recover for our New Years extravaganza. We have been lucky enough to stay with one of Luke's friends that he grew up with, Ross, while we've been in Sydney, so we made some great plans for ringing in the new year out on a boat on Sydney harbor. The fireworks were incredible and we counted them down with out new friends from Atlanta, Georgia. The weather has been amazing as well. We spent the last day of 2011 laying on Bondi Beach getting a sunglass tan and started the new year laying on the couch looking at the sun from behind the sliding glass door. Oh come on, isn't that how everyone starts the year?

our new friends from atlanta

Anyway, we are now off to hunt for apartments today and hopefully move into one tomorrow. It's that easy isn't it?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and rang in the new year with loved ones! Maybe I'll actually get to see some of you in 2012?

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