January 31, 2012

Bondi Bummer

I don't know if its the fact that I am avoiding applying for jobs while still pretending I'm being productive or if its the fact that Luke and I have actually started doing some interesting things again, but I have been a super blogger this week! (its definitely more the former).

Yesterday after spending the morning doing our usual stint at the library applying for jobs, we decided to head to the beach. My least favorite option which is obviously the cheapest option, was to head to Bondi Beach. Don't get me wrong its a nice beach, but everyone visiting Sydney agrees. Mostly because of its popularity, the city has deemed it a 'zone 1' which means its a cheaper bus ride than going to any of the better and quieter beaches. If we weren't so lazy we could take the bus to Bondi and walk to Bronte which is a beautiful beach just south along a windy cliff hike walk. Anyway to cut a short story (that I turn into a long story) short, we ended up laying on Bondi Beach. The sun of course went behind a cloud and the wind was whipping us from all directions, but we would not be defeated. With my atrocious tank top tan and Luke's even more offensive t-shirt tan, we needed to spend a little time tanning up that area in the middle.

Eventually we gave into the devil of the sand and headed up to higher ground to rest our towels on the beach. If it wasn't for the fact that Bondi is a really over-rated beach town that's actually pretty run down and dingy looking, I might say that I enjoy going there. I'm being harsh. The beach is beautiful. The sand is super fine and so comfy to lay my bath towel on and the water is crystal clear. The surfers there are incredible to watch (for several reason ;)). I just think there are much better beaches in Sydney, and I also hate when things are super hyped up and end up being just that, hype (like fergburger). So when I can unclench my hand from my wallet and hit up 'zone 2' beach, I will report back.

Until then, life here isn't so bad.

Sunset from our balcony last night

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