August 25, 2011


If you think this is a pretty plant, then you haven't been properly introduced. It's called Gorse. It is made up of the sharpest, longest and rudest needle-like thorns which go from the base where it grows from the ground, to the tip where it sprouts yellow flowers to spread its seeds. The removal of gorse has been the dreaded 'go-to' job around the chalets when there isn't any other work to do for the day. Even using the thickest gloves (or sometimes two pairs) we are stuck left and right and scratched up and down our legs and arms. We have attempted to soothe our wounds in the hot tub for the past few nights. The initial dip is the worst feeling, but once that's over its fantastic! Thankfully we have completed the gorse removal. I suppose they will have to find another way to torture us when they can't think of something for us to do!

Some of my war wounds

In other news, I finally got my passport back from New Zealand Immigration (almost 2 weeks after Luke got his back). I have been given my visa extension and can legally stay for the Rugby World Cup until October 31st!

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