August 09, 2011

There's nothing quite like the feeling of wind in your face as you fly down a steep hill on a bike. Yesterday afternoon after work Luke and I decided to go bike riding down (and up) this dirt road near the chalets. It was like our own private bike trail it was that quiet. Once we pedaled slowly (ok, I pedaled slowly) up the many hills we had the most incredible view of the surrounding area which included vineyards on one side and the bay on the other. The only thing keeping it from perfection was the sound of the nearby highway. It was a fantastically sunny afternoon. If only I hadn't forgotten my camera (for all the above views and the fact that Luke was wearing my too-short-for-any-normal-sized-person Babson Lacrosse shorts).

I did however take photos of the job we have been busy with since yesterday - wood splitting. It sounds less than exciting, but has actually been really fun. If you have never used a wood splitter, its kind of like the lazy man's axe. The one we are using runs on gas/petrol and with the simple back and forth of this little lever we have absolutely demolished these rings of pine tree that have been put in front of us. The sun also came out again today so I think I may have actually gotten a tan!

Our big pile of wood we have to cut this week

The beginning of our pile, it was much bigger by the end of today!

The wood being split!

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