August 28, 2011

Photo of the Week

I can just see Marissa's eyes rolling in disgust as she looks at this post. The photo of the week - a new fixture I will do my best to keep up with for the time being - is of Nelsy. When we stayed in the Price's house while they were away, we took care of their two cats Nelsy and Skunky. Skunky likes anyone who feeds him, but Nelsy is much more particular. She really started to like us, and when we moved out she used to find us while we were working around the property during the day. The other day she followed us out of the hot tub up to our chalet for the evening. She stood outside while Luke paid her some attention before he came in for the night. Once we were in our room ready to sleep we heard this scratching at the window and a meowing. Luke turned the light on and there she was perched on the windowsill. We decided she probably shouldn't spend the night in the chalet, but she made sure to come visit us the next morning. This is where she sat the next morning for most of Saturday waiting for us to give her a pet.

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