August 29, 2011

Whispering Falls

"New Zealanders will never walk up or down anything if there's a chance it will hurt more to run instead. Theirs is not a country so much as a fitness camp. Why look at something, they reason, when it will toughen me up if I charge at it with my head?" - Pete McCarthy McCarthy's Bar

When I read this I laughed out loud. Luke and I are constantly talking about how active New Zealanders are and how we feel we need to keep up with them. If you're not out riding your bike in lycra or hiking up a steep mountain, you're not experiencing New Zealand - at least not like a Kiwi does.

Saturday we attempted to be outdoorsy Kiwis and go for a hike, but got distracted by the fact that there is a place called Thorp Bush just down the road from the chalets. We walked around the park then headed to the Sprig and Fern, a local microbrewery pub.

Yesterday we actually succeeded in going for a hike to experience a bit more of New Zealand. It was a hike in the Mount Richmond State Forest Park. It was a little over 2 hours and mostly flat to the waterfalls. When we arrived at the first fall it was very small, more of a drip (or a whisper) than a fall. There was an older couple there and they told us that was the fall so we took a bunch of pictures. Lucky for us another group was coming back from further on the path and told us the waterfall was not this drip, but a little bit further on.

We enjoyed our lunch in front of the actual Whispering Falls before heading back down the hill and off to the pub!

They had a really nice beer garden in the sun!

Walking along the trail

We followed this stream all the way to the waterfall

This is what we were told was the waterfall

This is the actual waterfall!

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